Executive Leadership Committee

  • ESC Leadership

  • Executive Leadership Committee

    • Photo of Laurie Van Egeren

      Laurie Van Egeren


      Interim Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement, Michigan State University

    • Photo of Susan Short

      Susan Short

      Vice President

      Associate Vice President for Engagement, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    • Photo of Javiette Samuel

      Javiette Samuel


      Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Engagement and Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

    • Photo of Jeffrey J. Smith

      Jeffrey J. Smith

      Interim Treasurer

      Associate Vice President for Outreach and Online Education, Pennsylvania State University

    • Photo of Carol Burton

      Carol Burton


      Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Western Carolina University

    • Photo of Henry R. Cunningham

      Henry R. Cunningham


      Director of Community Engagement, University of Louisville

    • Photo of Timothy R. Steffensmeier

      Timothy R. Steffensmeier


      Interim Director of the Office of Engagement, Kansas State University

    • Photo of Marshall Stewart

      Marshall Stewart


      Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement and Chief System Engagement Officer, University of Missouri

    • Photo of Samory T. Pruitt

      Samory T. Pruitt

      Immediate Past President

      Vice President for Community Affairs, University of Alabama

  • Committee Chairs

    • Photo of Ryan J. Schmiesing

      Ryan J. Schmiesing

      Awards Committee Chair

      Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement, Ohio State University

    • Photo of Burton Bargerstock

      Burton Bargerstock

      Communications Committee Chair

      Executive Director, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship, and Director, UOE Communication and Information Technology, Michigan State University

    • Photo of Paul J. Brooks

      Paul J. Brooks

      Finance and Administration Committee Chair

      Associate Vice President, Public Service and Outreach, University of Georgia

    • Photo of Ginnifer Cié Gee

      Ginnifer Cié Gee

      Governance Committee Chair

      Associate Vice Provost for Career-Engaged Learning, University of Texas - San Antonio

    • Photo of Benjamin F. Berger

      Benjamin F. Berger

      Membership Committee Interim Chair

      Executive Director, Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Swarthmore College

    • Photo of Lynnette Young Overby

      Lynnette Young Overby

      Scholarship Committee Chair

      Director, Community Engagement Initiative, University of Delaware