Becoming a Member

The Engagement Scholarship Consortium (ESC) invites higher education institutions to join it in the effort to bring the highest quality scholarship to community engagement, to build evidence-based university-community partnerships across all disciplines, and to demonstrate through actions, the value of higher education for the re-invention of society in the 21st century. The ESC welcomes institutions committed to scholarship-focused community engagement to join in its efforts as members of the consortium.


All institutions of higher education are invited to become ESC members if they have demonstrated a commitment to engaged scholarship, as evidenced by the Carnegie Foundation's Elective Classification in Community Engagement, or by other demonstrated evidence, as evaluated by the ESC Membership Committee.

Categories of Membership and Annual Fees*

Doctorate-granting Universities ($5,000)
Includes institutions that award at least 20 doctoral degrees per year (excluding doctoral-level degrees that qualify recipients for entry into professional practice, such as the JD, MD, PharmD, DPT, etc.).

Masters Colleges and Universities ($2,500)
Generally includes institutions that award at least 50 master's degrees and fewer than 20 doctoral degrees per year. (Some institutions above the master's degree threshold are included among Baccalaureate Colleges, and some below the threshold are included among Master's Colleges and Universities.

Baccalaureate Colleges ($1,500)
Includes institutions where baccalaureate degrees represent at least 10 percent of all undergraduate degrees and that award fewer than 50 master's degrees or 20 doctoral degrees per year.

Associate Degree Granting Colleges ($1,000)
Includes institutions where all degrees are at the associate's level, or where bachelor's degrees account for less than 10 percent of all undergraduate degrees.

More Information

For more information about becoming a member institution, please email inquiries to You may also download a flier about institutional membership.

*The currency of all fees listed on this page is the United States Dollar (USD).