ESC Leadership

  • ESC Leadership

  • Executive Leadership Committee

    • Photo of Laurie A. Van Egeren

      Laurie A. Van Egeren


      Vice Provost for Public Engagement, University of Minnesota

    • Photo of Susan Short

      Susan Short

      Vice President and Governance Committee Co-Chair

      Associate Vice President for Engagement, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    • Photo of Javiette Samuel

      Javiette Samuel


      Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Engagement and Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

    • Photo of Larry D. Terry II

      Larry D. Terry II


      Vice President for Outreach, Pennsylvania State University

    • Photo of Samory T. Pruitt

      Samory T. Pruitt

      Immediate Past President

      Vice President for Community Affairs, University of Alabama

    • Photo of Burton Bargerstock

      Burton Bargerstock

      Communications Committee Chair

      Executive Director, Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship, and Director, UOE Communication and Information Technology, Michigan State University

    • Photo of Benjamin F. Berger

      Benjamin F. Berger

      Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

      Executive Director, Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Swarthmore College

    • Photo of Amber S. Cameron

      Amber S. Cameron

      Awards Committee Co-Chair

      Director for Public Engagement Initiatives, Office for Public Engagement, University of Minnesota

    • Photo of Henry R. Cunningham

      Henry R. Cunningham

      Member-at-Large and Governance Committee Co-Chair

      Director of Community Engagement, University of Louisville

    • Photo of Gwen Gummo

      Gwen Gummo

      Assistant Treasurer

      Financial Officer, Office of the Vice President for Outreach, Pennsylvania State University

    • Photo of Kimberly Henghold

      Kimberly Henghold

      Member-at-Large and Conference Committee Co-Chair

      Director, Community Relations, Office of External Affairs, Kennesaw State University

    • Photo of Chadwick Higgins

      Chadwick Higgins


      Interim Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement and Chief System Engagement Officer, University of Missouri

    • Photo of Gavin Luter

      Gavin Luter

      Awards Committee Co-Chair

      Managing Director, UniverCity Alliance, University of Wisconsin - Madison

    • Photo of Ali Modarres

      Ali Modarres

      Membership Committee Chair

      Assistant Chancellor for Community Engagement and Dean of the School of Urban Studies, University of Washington - Tacoma

    • Photo of Drew Pearl

      Drew Pearl

      Conference Committee Co-Chair

      Director of Community Engagement Research and Publications, Division of Community Affairs, University of Alabama

    • Photo of Timothy R. Steffensmeier

      Timothy R. Steffensmeier


      Assistant Vice President for Engagement and Outreach, Kansas State University

    • Photo of Daniela Susnara

      Daniela Susnara

      Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

      Director of Planning and Assessment for Community Engagement, Division of Community Affairs, University of Alabama

    • Photo of Rod N. Williams

      Rod N. Williams

      Professional Development Committee Chair

      Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement, Texas Tech University

Institutional Member Representatives to the Board of Directors

    • Benjamin F. Berger
    • Executive Director, Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility
    • Swarthmore College
    • Matthew L. Bishop
    • Director, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development
    • University of Georgia
    • Richard Bonanno
    • Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement
    • North Carolina State University
    • Kwesi Brookins
    • Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement
    • Michigan State University
    • Travus Burton
    • Director for Civic Learning and Community Engagement
    • Grand Valley State University
    • Lisa Chambers
    • Administrative Director, Morgridge Center for Public Service
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison
    • Royrickers Cook
    • Vice President for University Outreach and Associate Provost
    • Auburn University
    • Amy Cossentino
    • Associate Provost for Strategy and Engagement
    • Dean of Sokolov Honors College
    • Youngstown State University
    • Rena Cotsones
    • Chief Engagement Officer
    • Vice President for Outreach, Engagement, and Regional Development
    • Northern Illinois University
    • Theresa Cruz Paul
    • Interim Executive Director, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning
    • Director, Center for Career and Professional Development Staff
    • Western Carolina University
    • Sherree Davis
    • Director of Civic Engagement and Service Learning
    • Fayetteville State University
    • Ahmad Ezzedine
    • Vice President for Academic Student Affairs and Global Engagement
    • Wayne State University
    • Cynthia Carmina Gómez
    • Director of Community and Civic Impact
    • Portland State University
    • Birgit L. Green
    • Assistant Vice Provost, University Outreach and Engagement
    • Texas Tech University
    • Kimberly Henghold
    • Director, Community Engagement, , Office of Economic Development and Community Engagement
    • Kennesaw State University
    • Chadwick Higgins
    • Interim Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement
    • Interim Chief System Engagement Officer
    • University of Missouri
    • Kelli Huth
    • Associate Vice President for Community Engagement
    • Ball State University
    • Gareth Jones
    • Director, Service Learning and Undergraduate Research
    • University of Alabama - Birmingham
    • Youngmoo Kim
    • Vice Provost for University and Community Partnerships
    • Drexel University
    • Kathleen Lodl
    • Associate Dean and State 4-H Program Leader, Nebraska Extension
    • University of Nebraska – Lincoln
    • Angela Lamson
    • Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Economic and Community Engagement
    • East Carolina University
    • Jennifer M. Lujan
    • Director, Center for Community Engagement
    • University of Texas - El Paso
    • George M. Marakas
    • Associate Dean, Research and Doctoral Studies, College of Business
    • Florida International University
    • Susan McCracken
    • Vice Provost for Community Engagement
    • Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan
    • East Tennessee State University
    • Laura Megivern
    • Interim Executive Director, Center for Civic Learning and Action
    • Dickinson College
    • Ali Modarres
    • Assistant Chancellor for Community Partnerships
    • Dean, School of Urban Studies
    • University of Washington - Tacoma
    • Gina Peek
    • Associate Dean for Extension, Engagement, and Continuing Education
    • Assistant Director, Oklahoma State University Extension, Family, and Consumer Sciences
    • Oklahoma State University
    • Patricia L. Prado-Olmos
    • Vice President, Community Engagement
    • California State University - San Marcos
    • Carly Redding
    • Associate Professor and Assessment Coordinator, Department of Sociology and Human Services
    • University of North Georgia
    • Matthew Robinson
    • Director, Community Engagement Initiative
    • Professor, Department of Hospitality and Sport Business Management
    • University of Delaware
    • Javiette Samuel
    • Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Engagement
    • Director of Community Engagement and Outreach
    • University of Tennessee - Knoxville
    • Ryan J. Schmiesing
    • Senior Vice Provost for External Engagement
    • Ohio State University
    • Marylin Sheerer
    • Provost and Vice Chancellor of the Office of Academic Affairs
    • University of North Carolina - Wilmington
    • Terri Shelton
    • Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement
    • University of North Carolina - Greensboro
    • Susan E. Short
    • Associate Vice President for Engagement
    • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    • Jessi L. Smith
    • Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
    • Research Integrity Officer
    • Professor, Psychology Department
    • University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
    • Kelli Smith
    • Assistant Vice President for Student Success, Division of Student Affairs
    • Binghamton University
    • Costas Spirou
    • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Georgia College State University
    • Timothy R. Steffensmeier
    • Assistant Vice President for Engagement and Outreach
    • Kansas State University
    • Laura F. Stephenson
    • Associate Vice President for Land-grant Engagement
    • Associate Dean and Director of Extension
    • University of Kentucky
    • Larry D. Terry II
    • Vice President for Outreach
    • Pennsylvania State University
    • Laurie A. Van Egeren
    • Vice Provost for Public Engagement
    • University of Minnesota
    • Wanda E. Ward
    • Executive Associate Chancellor for Public Engagement
    • University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
    • Amy Conrad Warner
    • Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement
    • Indiana University - Indianapolis
    • Jomella Watson-Thompson
    • Director, Center for Service Learning
    • University of Kansas
    • Bill Whitney
    • Assistant Vice Provost for Experiential Learning Programs
    • Lehigh University
    • Sam Williams
    • Associate Professor, Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Department
    • Founding Director, The Lincubator
    • Lincoln University