What is Engagement Scholarship?

Defined by the Kellogg Commission: “An engaged institution is responsive to the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s. It enriches the student experience by bringing research into the curriculum and offering practical experience in the world they will enter. It forms partnerships of faculty, students and communities to put knowledge and skills to work on today’s most critical problems.” — From Returning to Our Roots: The Engaged Institution, Kellogg Commission Report, 1999).

The concept of community-university engaged scholarship has emerged over the past two decades as part of the continuing dialogue on the nature of knowledge and the role of academic institutions in society. 

What is an Engaged Campus?

An engaged campus strives to generate, exchange, and apply mutually beneficial and socially useful knowledge and practices developed through active partnerships between the academy and the community.

As a member benefit, ESC promotes opportunities for faculty from member institutions to collaborate on opportunities for research and external funding. Member institutions identify ways that their faculty, staff, students, and community partners can connect with and collaborate on community engagement efforts.

Seminal Reading on Engagement Scholarship

For a list of seminal readings on engagement scholarship, visit the Publications page.