Water First for Thirst: Teen Leaders as Advocates for Healthier Beverage Consumption
Theresa M. Ferrari and Carol A. Smathers, Ohio State University Extension

Community engaged scholarship in the physical sciences: Using a contaminated EPA Superfund site to promote teaching, research, and community engagement
Jeffrey D. Wilcox, University of North Carolina - Asheville

Extension Reconsidered: Building New Partnerships in Oregon
Charles Robinson, Oregon State University

JMU Nursing Student Association (NSA): Engaged Citizens, Engaged Learners
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Partnering with PennDOT and SEDA-COG: Advancing Rigor Through Real-World Applications
Emily Baxter, Pennsylvania State University; Don Kiel, SEDA - Council of Governments

Assessing Student Outcomes in Low-Intensity Engaged Scholarship Experiences
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Meanings andPractices of Reciprocity: Enactments of Power in Partnerships
Katherine L. Davis, University of Georgia; Brandon W. Kliewer, Kansas State University

Beyond the Walls of JMU: The Many Faces of the Adult Learner: At School, at Work and in the Community
Oris Griffin McCoy, Diane Wilcox, and Sevinj Iskandarova, James Madison University

Dining with Diabetes
Debra A. Griffie, Pennsylvania State University

Virtual Focus Groups
Molly Engle, Oregon State University

Assessment of Beliefs, Values, and Global Learning: A Mixed Methods Approach
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Internation Student Engagment
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Creativity at the core of art and life: Storytelling festival inspires community-university partnerships
Lisa Overholser, Lee Ann Woolery, and Mary Simon Leuci, University of Missouri

Transnational Labor Symposium Series: Union Feminism, Sexual Politics, and Transnational Labor Activism
Mary Margaret Fonow, Arizona State University

Catalyst by Design: Resilience—Building Scenarios as Key Outcomes of an Engaged Studio
Ken Tamminga, Pennsylvania State University

The Impact of Eating from the Garden on Students, Families and Communities
Rebecca Mott, Jo Britt-Rankin, Candance Gabel, Larry Roberts, and Kimberly Keller, University of Missouri

Community Engaged Climate Adaptation Planning
Michele Holt-Shannon, Bruce Mallory, and Quixada Moore-Vissing, University of New Hampshire

An Uncommon Model: JMU's Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services
Rhonda Zingraff and Pat Kennedy, James Madison University

The Geospatial Semester: Engaging K-12, Higher Ed, and Local Communities
Robert Kolvoord, Kathryn Keranen, and Paul Rittenhouse, James Madison University

Connecting the Dots: Community Health, Civic Engagement and Service—Learning
Timothy M. Howley, Walt Ghant, and S. Jeanne Horst, James Madison University

Engaging Youth to Develop Product Visual Prototypes for Travelers with Physical Challenges
Paulette Hebert and Mihyun Kang, Oklahoma State University

Predicting Volunteer Motives Among Faculty and Staff
Richard J. Harnish and K. Robert Bridges, Pennsylvania State University - New Kensington

#theEngagedSelfie or, what happens when 18 students, 10 teachers and lecturers, and 1 nonprofit come together
Sean McCarthy, James Madison University

Stories that Shape our Work: Service-Learning as a Conduit for Pre-Service Teacher Dispositional Development
Tynisha D. Meidl, St. Norbert College

Exploring Ways to Engage Communities in Efforts to Retain Youth in Rural Areas
Jason Hedrick and Mark Light, Ohio State University

Motivations and Perceptions of Faculty Involvedin Engaged Scholarship at a Research Intensive University
Suzanne Weinstein, Chas Brua, Chang Liu, Adam Christensen, and KhanjanMehta, Pennsylvania State University

Healthy Reciprocity: Academic partnership with the Healthy Children, Healthy Weights Program
Carol Smathers, Ohio State University

Motivations for Public Service Among Highly Engaged Faculty
Marc Schenker and Elizabeth Reosti, University of California - Davis

Enlighten, Engage, and Emerge (E3): A Scalable Model to InformEarly Undergraduates of Engaged Scholarship Opportunities
Irena Gorski, Amanda Smith, and Khanjan Mehta, Pennsylvania State University

Pediatric Respite Care: A Service-learning Experience for Nursing Students
Melissa Leisen, Julie Strunk, Debbie Gleason, Nancy Puffenbarger, and Samantha Prins, James Madison University

What Should Community Engagement Look Like at a For-Profit College?
Sue Magyar, Northeastern University