Presentation Materials

The ESC 2013 Planning Committee invited presenters to submit their presentation files for distribution to a larger audience. The following materials include but are not limited to PDFs, slideshow presentations, and handouts.

2015 Carnegie Community Engagement Reclassification...or Reprise
Lorilee R. Sandmann, University of Georgia

Art to Life: The Preservation of Personhood
Emily Broman, University of Alabama

Assessing Engagement and Outreach: Lessons Learned
Valerie Paton, Texas Tech University
David Procter, Kansas State University
Burton Bargerstock, Michigan State University

Building Reflection Skills Through a Service-Learning Project in Human Services
Jennifer Dobbs-Oates, Purdue University

Choose to Change: Communities Collaborate for Healthy Weights
Elaine Bowen, West Virginia University
Linda Carson, West Virginia University
Lesley Cottrell, West Virginia University
Emily Murphy, West Virginia University

College Readiness for Rural Youth
Mark Light, Ohio State University
Jeff Dick, Ohio State University
Jason Hedrick, Ohio State University

Community Engagement in the Liberal Arts
Sara Dorow, University of Alberta
Nicole Smith-Acuna, University of Alberta

Community Learning Centers: Boundary-Spanning Across Communities and Countries
Laura Ruiz, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Community Partners' Perceptions of the Challenges to Service-Learning in Egypt
Neivin M. Shalabi, Delta University for Science and Technology

Engaged Partnership Transforms Academic Practice
Fay Fletcher, University of Alberta
Alicia Hibbert, University of Alberta
Fiona Robertson, University of Alberta

Enhancing Community Engagement through Needs Assessment
Sam Angima, Oregon State University
Lena Etuk, Oregon State University

ESC Film Festival
Kimberly McCarron, Texas Tech University

The ESC Outreach and Engagement Staff Workshop "On the Road" at THE Ohio State University
Susan B. Harden, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Katherine A. Loving, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stephen Myers, Ohio State University
Mark Mccann, Ohio State University
Harmony Cox, Ohio State University

Extension's Future: Time for Disruptive Innovation
Nancy Franz, Iowa State University
Ronald Cox, Iowa State University

Faculty Developed Global Engagement & Boundary Spanning through International Academic Collaborations
Joseph Aranha, Texas Tech University

Frameworks for Global Engagement: Infrastructures to Support Good Practice Across Borders
Elizabeth Tryon, University of Wisconsin-Madison

From K-12 Engineering Outreach to Community Engagement – A Roadmap
Tanja Karp, Texas Tech University
Richard Gale, Texas Tech University
Toby Klameth, J.T. Hutchinson Middle School, Lubbock ISD
Greg Burnham, Estacado High School, Lubbock ISD

Global Engagement through a Social Justice Lens
Robert N. Coffey, Jr., Michigan State University

Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
Jo Britt-Rankin, University of Missouri
Mary Leuci, University of Missouri

Impact of Carnegie's Community Engagement Classification: A Synthetic Control Approach
Andrew Pearl, University of Georgia
James Byars, University of Georgia
Jonathan Tuck, University of Georgia

Impact of Community Engagement Grants (2007-2012): A Preliminary Report
Cathy Howard, Virginia Commonwealth University
Valerie Holton, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jennifer Jettner, Virginia Commonwealth University

Institutionalizing Service-Learning at Ohio State
Ola Ahlqvist, Ohio State University
Harmony Cox, Ohio State University

Institutionalizing STEM Outreach at Texas Tech University
Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell, Texas Tech University
Jerry Dwyer, Texas Tech University
Lawrence Schovanec, Texas Tech University
Levi Johnson, Texas Tech University

International Collaboration for Engaging Rural Community Development in Phrao, Northern Thailand
Chase Mitchell, Texas Tech University

Introducing Recordkeeping to Farmers Receiving Technical Assistance from International Aid Organizations
Howard Fenton, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Joining Forces to Enhance the Depth and Scope of Engagement through Community Engaged Research: A Tale of Two Public Universities
Nancy Franz, Iowa State University
Edith Parker, Iowa State University

NAKLand: Celebrating Culture, Community and College on Common Ground
Carlos Cruz, University of Northern Colorado
Rodolfo Vargas, University of Northern Colorado
Aldo Romero, University of Northern Colorado
Deborah Romero, University of Northern Colorado

Outreach & Engagement Staff Workshop
Katherine Loving, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tracy Hall, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Judith A. Ramaley, Portland State University

Perceptions of Young Adults in Rural Areas
Mark Light, Ohio State University
Jeff Dick, Ohio State University
Jason Hedrick, Ohio State University

Preventing Graduate Student Heroic Suicide in Community-Based Research: A Tale of Two Committees
Nancy Franz, Iowa State University

Rebuilding Vernonia: Tracking Community Vitality and Change in Rural Oregon
Amy Grotta, Ohio State University

Rooftop Beekeeping: Entomology Service-Learning
Marianne Shockley, University of Georgia

Service-Learning as Nonprofit Capacity Builder: Relationships, Reputation, Revenue
Theresa S. Beyerle, University of Akron

Stories of Change: Training Youth Facilitators to Deliver a Life Skills Program for Children
Fay Fletcher, University of Alberta
Fiona Robertson, University of Alberta
Alicia Hibbert, University of Alberta
Matthew Belhumeur, University of Alberta
Susan Lacouceur, University of Alberta

Strengthening Your Engagement Dossier
Nancy Franz, Iowa State University

Telling Tales: Mutual Learning and Empowerment
Deborah Romero, University of Northern Colorado

A True Youth-Focused Community-University Collaboration
Carl A. Kallgren, Susan Hirt Hagen CORE, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Urban Tech
David Driskill, Texas Tech University
Luis Velasco, Texas Tech University
Kyle Elliott, Texas Tech University

Using Focus Groups for Community Engagement: Benefit or Bane?
Nancy Franz, Iowa State University

Utilizing an Holistic Approach to Supporting Students: Addressing Student Hunger on Campus
Amy Karaban Finley, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Tracy Hall, University of Michigan-Dearborn

The Value Chain of Colorado Agriculture: A Community, University and State Partnership
Tom Lipetzky, Colorado State University
Kathay Rennels, Colorado State University

Waving our Magic Wands: Harnessing the Power of Design Thinking
Lisa Bates, Iowa State University
Tim Borich, Iowa State University
Susan Erickson, Iowa State University
Tom Neppl, Iowa State University