Presentation Materials

Excellence, Quality, and Rigor in Peer Review of Community-Engaged Scholarship
Diane M. Doberneck, Burton A. Bargerstock, & Miles A. McNall, Michigan State University

Four Steps to Measuring and Articulating Engagement Impact
Nancy Franz, Iowa State University

Initiative to Build Institution-wide Engagement
Bhavna Hirani, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Islamic Worlds 2015: Community-Engaged Arts Programming to Foster Intercultural and Interreligious Understanding
Jon Catherwood-Ginn and Sarah Halvorson-Fried, Virginia Tech University

Level Three: Expert - Activities that Deepen
Lynn E. Pelco and Catherine Howard, Virginia Commonwealth University

Systemic Engagement: Universities as partners in systemic approaches to community and systems change
Miles A. McNall, Robert E. Brown, Jessica V. Barnes-Najor, & Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Michigan State University

What Goes Around Comes Around: Continuous Improvement and Impact Measurement Using the Assessment Cycle
Elisabeth M. Pyburn, Heather D. Harris, Kelly J. Foelber, Monica K. Erbacher, & S. Jeanne Horst, James Madison University

What Should Community Engagement Look Like at a For-Profit College?
Sue Magyar, Northeastern University

Youth Leadership Academy
Luke O'Quinn, Ohio State University