ESC Grants Program

Announced in 2019, the Engagement Scholarship Consortium’s Engaged Scholarship Research/Creative Activities Grants Program for Faculty competitively awards a limited number of grants of up to $5,000 that are intended to fund one-year projects, and collaborative projects among faculty from more than one discipline and/or more than one university. Below is a list of the recipients of the ESC Engaged Scholarship Research/Creative Activities Grants.

2023 Engaged Scholarship Research/Creative Activities Grants

Proyecto Mariposas Healthy Periods Project ($5,000)
Stephanie Aubry, Ohio State University

Ukrainian Refugees: A Participatory Mapping Initiative in Slovakia ($5,000)
Andrew Bale, Dickinson College

Supporting Children's Early Literacy Development in Pediatric Settings: A Collaborative Partnership between Reach Out and Read and Preservice Teachers ($4,831)
Lori Bruner, University of Alabama

Community Spaces as Sites of Equitable Language Practices and Disciplinary Knowledge for Multilingual Learners in K-12 Education ($5,000)
Lucia Cardenas Curiel, Michigan State University

Providing Effective Puberty Sex Education for All Learners ($4,680)
Sarah Curtiss, University of Delaware

Borderlands Rainbow Center (BRC) Partnership ($5,000)
Brandon Merritt, University of Texas – El Paso

Academy of Community Reviewers Pilot Online Course ($3,800)
Jasmine Neal, Ohio State University

The Archives Project: LGBTQIA+ ($5,000)
Cat Normoyle, East Carolina University

Inquiry Immersion as a Process for Retaining Diverse Students in Science ($4,887)
Cheryl Olman, University of Minnesota

Community Asset Mapping Through Front Porch Conversations and Writing ($5,000)
Ania Payne, Kansas State University

Evaluating the Impact of a Community-Led Harm Reduction Effort in the Global South: "Espaço Normal" in the Favela of Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ($5,000)
Desiree Poets, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

MooDe: App to Predict Mood Changes and Counter Depression ($5,000)
Rahat Ibn Rafiq, Grand Valley State University

Psycho-social Support for Afghan Refugees in the U.S.: Community-Based Spaces as an Intervention ($5,000)
Nura Sediqe, Michigan State University

Kellogg Biological Station Insect Bioblitz ($5,000)
Alisha Shah, Michigan State University

Increasing Awareness of Algorithmic Fairness for Ethical Healthcare Decisions via Community Engaged Research ($5,000)
Pengyi Shi, Purdue University

Seminar: "Refuge: Resettled in Philadelphia" ($5,000)
Benjamin Smith, Swarthmore College

Assessing the Impact of a Novel Veterinary Social Work Intervention Module Addressing Chronic Exposure to Trauma of Animal Shelter Workers ($5,000)
Jennifer Weisent, University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Creating Additional Support Structures ($5,000)
Christina Wilcoxen, University of Nebraska – Omaha

2022 Engaged Scholarship Research/Creative Activities Grants

The Flagship Tutoring Project ($5,000)
Kirsten Benson, University of Tennessee

Beyond Conservation - Bridging Art and Science ($5,000)
Jonathan Cox, University of Delaware

Veterinary Street Medicine as Means for Community Engagement ($5,000)
Brad Crauer, Kansas State University

A Reciprocal Relationship between Human and Environmental Health ($5,000)
Jennifer Gay, University of Georgia

Movement Through Motherhood ($5,000)
Madeline Harvey, Colorado State University

Completing the American Indian Child Removal Study ($5,000)
Carolyn Liebler, University of Minnesota

Evaluating the Health and Environmental Impacts of Mosquito Management ($5,000)
Megan Meuti, Ohio State University

Recovering Indigenous Histories - How Urban Development Erased Jefferson Square ($5,000)
Sarah Nelson, University of Nebraska - Omaha

The Archives Project ($5,000)
Cat Normoyle, East Carolina University

Plan Your Park ($5,000)
Zoe Nyssa, Purdue University

Leveraging Community Partnerships to Increase Professional Capacity and Improve Access to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Autistic Youth ($5,000)
Angela Scarpa, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The Citing Slavery Project ($5,000)
Justin Simard, Michigan State University

Heavy Metal Pollution and Safe Community Food Access in the Twin Cities ($5,000)
Emilie Snell-Rood, University of Minnesota

The TRUE Alumni Project ($5,000)
Adrienne Stuckey, Western Carolina University

Blue Economy Corridor ($5,000)
Emily Yeager, East Carolina University

2021 Engaged Scholarship Research/Creative Activities Grants

Latinx Youth Empowerment through Ethnic Studies: Developing Critical Youth Educators and Anti-Racist Advocates ($5,000)
Socorro Morales, University of Texas - San Antonio

School Connectedness: Supporting the Emotional and/or Mental Health Needs of Adolescents in a Low-Income Middle School ($5,000)
Deborah Tyndall, East Carolina University

“The Promise:” Arts-Based Socially Engaged Research Exploring the Impact of Race-Based Trauma and Gun Violence in Louisville ($5,000)
Lesley Harris, University of Louisville

Helping AMC Families with Assistive Devices ($5,000)
Ashley Pigford, University of Delaware

Aligning Health and Built Environment Assessment Frameworks in Affordable Housing ($4,961)
Traci Rider, North Carolina State University

Addressing Children’s Mental Health via University-Community Partnerships ($4,999)
Lindsey Weiler, University of Minnesota

A Collaborative, Professional Development Partnership Focused on Resetting Writing Goals and Working to Eliminate Inequities Post-COVID-19 ($5,000)
Tracey Hodges, University of Alabama

“Are we gonna make a difference?” Taking Action Toward Change with Youth Through Community-Based Participatory Action Research ($4,997)
Joanne Marciano, Michigan State University

Take Charge: Your Well-being and Wellness ($5,000)
Patricia Beierwaites, Minnesota State University - Mankato

Heritage Conversation Partners Project ($4,975)
Michael Kimball, University of Northern Colorado

A Community Approach for Racial Justice: Decision Analytics Using Fair Machine Learning and Optimization ($5,000)
Pengyi Shi, Purdue University

Pilot Testing the #PassTheMicYouth Curriculum to Nurture Youth-Led Community Engagement ($4,980)
Maru Gonzalez, North Carolina State University

The Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans: Cultural Preservation Amid a Pandemic ($5,000)
Virginia Cope, Ohio State University

2020 Engaged Scholarship Research/Creative Activities Grants

Community-Engaged Institution Building for Improved Rental Housing Conditions in East Central Indiana ($5,000)
John West, Ball State University

Inform, Inspire, Empower ($4,999)
Aaron Terry, University of Delaware

Micro-Internships at the Margins ($5,000)
Margaret Hall, University of Nebraska - Omaha

Parental Incarceration and Homelessness:  Identifying Intersections to Drive Policy Solutions ($5,000)
Rebecca Shlafer, University of Minnesota

Pilot Study of an At-Home Music-Based Intervention Implemented During Companionship Visits with Persons with Cognitive Impairment ($5,000)
Lindsey Wilhelm, Colorado State University

Supporting Peer Mentoring with Low-Income, Immigrant Students During COVID-19 ($4,993)
Melanie Gast, University of Louisville

Writing with Adolescent Girls at CORRAL Riding Academy to Support Transformational Change ($5,000)
Crystal Lee, North Carolina State University

2019 Engaged Scholarship Research/Creative Activities Grants

ARRIVALS: What’s Left Behind, What Lies Ahead ($5,000)
Jonathan A. Cox, University of Delaware
Andrew Bale, Dickinson University

Kansas Bike-Ped Systems Plan and Public Engagement Project ($4,160)
Brandon W. Kliewer, Kansas State University

Developing a Multi-Sectoral Network to Address Food Waste and Food Insecurity ($5,000)
Rebecca Gokiert, University of Alberta Extension

Performing Ourselves: Community Conversations on Loss, Gain, Acceptance, and Belonging ($5,000)
Elena Foulis, Ohio State University

Service Learning to Assess Medical Decision-Making at an Interprofessional Homeless Clinic ($5,000)
Neena A. Xavier, University of Alabama - Birmingham