ESC Awards Program
Excellence in Faculty Community Engagement Award 2024


The Excellence in Faculty Community Engagement Award recognizes an individual faculty member or group of faculty members for an exemplary community-engaged program or project that has led to significant scholarly contributions.


Open to faculty of any rank or tenure status from any higher education institutions (2- and 4-year, public,or private).

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on documented evidence of the following criteria:

  • Program or project goals and objectives are defined and the role of faculty member(s) and community partners are clearly articulated.
  • Demonstrated evidence of co-design, implementation, management, and/or evaluation with community partners.
  • Evidence of how this project/program aligns and/or advances the faculty member’s previous scholarship and/or scholarly agenda.
  • Outcomes and impacts are clearly articulated and align with the program goals and objectives, including how data is collected.
  • The future of the partnership, including any growth or expansion plans, is clearly articulated, including plans for sustainability as appropriate.
  • Key lessons learned and how the program has or will adapt is discussed, including any changes in future goals and objectives
  • Evidence of scholarly publication and public dissemination through manuscripts, poster sessions, reports, policies, etc.

Submission Packet

The submission should include documentation:

  • Program Description (500 words): Describe the overall program or project including the role the faculty member(s) had in the co-design, implementation, management, and evaluation.
  • Participating Partners (400 words): Identify the key community partners, including their role in the co-design, implementation, management, and evaluation of the program or project.
  • Relevance to Current Scholarship (400 words): Describe how this program aligns with the faculty member(s)’ current scholarly agenda.
  • Program Outcomes and Impact (400 words): Share key outcomes and impacts that program is having and how data/metrics are being collected.
  • Next Steps (400 words): Describe the future of the program, including any growth or expansion plans.
  • Lessons Learned (400 words): Describe key lessons learned and how the program has or will adapt.
  • Scholarship (400 words): How has the faculty member(s) shared outcomes and impact with the scholarly and broader communities (manuscripts, reports, etc.).

Submission Deadline and Recognition Process

Nominations for 2024 recognitions are due by March 29, 2024, and are to be submitted electronically via the ESC online portal.

Materials are reviewed by a selection committee identified by the ESC Awards Committee Chair. The ESC Awards Committee and Board receive and approve committee recommendations. All nominees will be notified of their status in May 2024.

Annual Award

$1,000; plaque; one conference registration fee waived