The Engagement Scholarship Consortium maintains a webpage of employment opportunities for open positions in engaged scholarship and university outreach, as a courtesy to employers and applicants. If you have an announcement that you would like added to this page, please contact us at, with your request and a pdf file containing the announcement.

Posted Oct 21, 2022

Director Of Outreach, Contra Costa Community College District Applications close on 11/22/22

Posted Oct 18, 2022

Outreach Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison Applications close on November 1, 2022

Posted Oct 18, 2022

Assistant Director of Career and Employer Engagement, Ohio University Applications close on November 15, 2022

Posted Oct 13, 2022

Outreach & Communications Principal Professional, University of Colorado Best Consideration Date: November 1, 2022

Posted Oct 6, 2022

Director of Research, University of Maryland Best Consideration Date: December 1, 2022

Posted Oct 19, 2022

Community Engagement Manager, University of Wisconsin-Madison Application closes on 11/2/2022

Posted Oct 13, 2022

Community Development Project Manager, UC San Diego Applications close on October 21, 2022

Posted Oct 1, 2022

Associate Vice President for Community Engagement, Ball State University Applications close on October 17, 2022

Posted Oct 1, 2022

Community Outreach Coordinator, Rutgers University Application closes on 10/29/2022

Posted Oct 1, 2022

Community Development Program Manager, Ball State University Applications close on October 12, 2022

Posted Sep 21, 2022

Coordinator, Community Engagement, The University of Rhode Island

Posted Sep 20, 2022

Outreach Program Coordinator, University of Wisconsin, Madison Applications close on October 9, 2022