Plenary Session 5: Globalization and International Engagement

Room: Big Ten A/B
Tuesday, October 4
8:00 – 9:15 a.m.


In this session, two scholars who have developed successful and long-standing partnerships with institutions and groups abroad will discuss their experiences and offer insights into building and sustaining effective international partnerships. Themes include: how to build trust, mutual understanding, and genuinely reciprocal relationships with partners in other countries; means of developing multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaborations; sustaining international partnerships over periods of time; roles of government agencies and NGOs, etc. The session will be informative and suggestive of new ways to think about university-community partnerships and community-engaged scholarship in a global context.


  • Frank A. Fear
    • Senior Associate Dean, Agriculture and Natural Resources
    • Michigan State University


  • Gretchen L. Birbeck
    • Professor, Neurology and Epidemiology
    • Director, MSU International Neurological and Psychiatric Epidemiology Program
    • Michigan State University
  • Peter S. Spencer
    • Professor, Neurology
    • Director, OHSU Global Health Center
    • Oregon Health and Science University