International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame Symposium

Room: 105
Sunday, October 2
4:30 – 6:00 p.m.


  • Mortimer H. Neufville
    • Interim President, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    • Vice President Emeritus, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
    • Board Member, International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame (IACEHOF)


Lessons in Leadership
  • Thomas Kowalik
    • Director, Continuing Education and Outreach
    • Binghamton University

Skilled leaders and creative approaches are essential to deal with the challenges and opportunities facing US public higher education outreach and engagement. Shifting demographics in the US resulting in a workforce that is less educated than its previous generation—combined with the current economic climate and growing sense of disillusionment among many youth, unemployed and under-employed, who question the value of a higher education degree—require all of us to acquire the knowledge, skills and leadership abilities to influence and assist our institutions, communities, and country. Using a few simple exercises, Kowalik will ask participants to identify, reflect upon, and share lessons in leadership they have acquired.

Advancing Technology: Can We Build Human Capacity?
  • Janet Poley
    • Chair, IACEHOF
    • CEO and President, American Distance Education Consortium

Through use of a timeline spanning the last 50 years Poley will highlight the parallel and intersecting paths of adult and continuing education, human capacity, and technology development. She will highlight a few key points along the path of educational technology advancement and the meaning locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally of the digital revolution.

Of Piracy, Pillage and Plunder: The Moral Challenges of International Engagement
  • Thomas J. Sork
    • Professor, Adult Education
    • Senior Associate Dean, International and Administration Faculty of Education
    • University of British Columbia

As universities have embraced "international engagement" as a key strategic priority, outreach activities have become increasingly global in scope. In the rush to develop partnerships and collaborative agreements, establish overseas operations, and recruit the best and brightest international students, have we sufficiently considered the moral questions involved in engaging with other cultures? This presentation will raise some critical ethical questions that deserve greater attention from university leaders.


  • Marcie Boucouvalas
    • Professor and Program Director, Virginia Tech University
    • Board, IACEHOF

Immediate Past Chair, IACEHOF:

  • Gary E. Miller
    • Executive Director Emeritus
    • Pennsylvania State World Campus