Presenter Information

Tips for Presenters

  • Locate your presentation room in advance. All presentation sessions are on Tuesday, October 2 or Wednesday, October 3.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled session.
  • Projectors are provided in the presentation rooms for digital poster, paper, and workshop sessions. Projectors are not provided for roundtable sessions.
  • A laptop is provided for digital poster sessions ONLY. For all other sessions, presenters are required to bring their own laptop.
  • We recommend using PowerPoint for your presentation, and if possible, convert the PowerPoint to a PDF file for speed and ease of loading the presentation. 
  • Presenters are responsible for their own handout materials. 

Presentation Formats

Digital Poster

A digital poster presentation is a showcase of work delivered through a single PowerPoint slide. Each poster presenter is assigned ten minutes to discuss the digital poster. The conference program planners matched digital poster presentations with up to four other poster presentations to be presented during one 60-minute session. The final 10 minutes of the session will be devoted to discussion with session attendees. Please bring your PowerPoint slide on a flash drive to upload to a podium computer in the presentation room.

Paper Presentation

Each paper presentation session will contain up to three papers. Each presenter will have 20 minutes to present their paper and answer questions from the audience. The presentation should take 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes Q&A session. Please bring your presentation loaded on your computer. Your computer can be hooked up to the projector in the presentation room.

Roundtable Presentation

Roundtables are 60-minute presentations that typically include 30 minutes of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion and feedback with attendees seated around a table. Roundtable presenters should bring targeted questions to pose to others at the table to facilitate open dialogue and group learning. Roundtable presentations allow for extended discussion among a small group and are ideal for networking and in-depth discussion on a particular topic. Roundtables are excellent venues for giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in discussions, and meeting colleagues with similar community-engaged interests. Please note that you will not be able to project anything on the screen during the roundtable presentation. You can, however, use your personal computer to show a video or other digital materials to your roundtable attendees. There will be nine concurrent roundtable presentations in one room.  


Workshops are designed for one or several presenters from the same institution or project team who share information about a particular body of knowledge, evidence-based practice, engaged teaching techniques, assessment or research instrument or methodology. Active discussion between audience and presenter(s) should take place throughout the session. Workshops are scheduled for 60 minutes. There will be one workshop per presentation room.