Preconference Call for Proposals

Submission Now Closed

Race, Ethnicity and Community Engagement in Higher Education

We invite paper proposals for the 2013 ESC Pre-Conference Symposium “Race, Ethnicity, and Community Engagement in Higher Education” on October 6 and 7, 2013. The primary purpose of the symposium is to provide participants with multiple perspectives on critical issues, paradigms, and challenges related to race, ethnicity and community engagement in higher education. 

The 2013 ESC- Race, Ethnicity, and Community Engagement in Higher Education Symposium occurs prior to the general conference and consists of two components: research/scholarly papers and mentoring/professional development sessions. The forum seeks scholarly and research submissions that engage issues of race/ethnicity, equity, justice and diversity, as well as topics related to historically underrepresented, underserved, or marginalized populations in higher education. Submissions from academic professionals engaged in service-centered praxis, and researchers are encouraged. Proposals are welcome in fields of:

  • •   applied or experiential education
  • •   regional, local, and international practices in service-learning
  • •   and other forms of community engagement

Participants in this pre-conference symposium will address a wide range of issues related to research, curriculum design, assessment, institutional support, diversity, community connection, partnerships, and student development.

Symposium Themes: Race, Praxis, and Curriculum

The Symposium will be grounded with three tracks; panel proposals should address one or more of these issues:

1. Critical Race Studies: Ethnic Communities and Service-Learning or other community in Higher Education

2. Praxis in Experiential Education: Best Practices for Integrating University, Community, and Students as Mutual Beneficiaries in Social Justice Efforts

3. Curriculum and Paradigms: Developing Cultural Competencies in Service-Learning, other community engagement, and Community-Based Research Curriculum

Who Should Submit?

Students, faculty, administrators, and agency personnel who support community-based research initiatives, service learning, or other forms of community engagement.

Symposium Submission Procedures

Indicate which of the three themes your proposal mainly addresses. Session proposals should address one or more of the central symposium questions and include:

  • •   Title
  • •   Conference theme (Race Theory, Praxis, or Curriculum)
  • •   Abstract (300-500 words including all individual paper titles)
  • •   Session chair’s identification and contact information (institutional or agency affiliation, email, address, and phone number)
  • •   Participant identification and email addresses

Sessions will be scheduled in 1 ½ hour blocks. Please do not submit individual papers; only whole sessions (two or more presenters and one chair) will be accepted. Indicate whether your session is a traditional panel or will be presented in workshop form. All proposals for the pre-conference symposium should be submitted through the online submission process, selecting the Race, Ethnicity, AND Community Engagement in Higher Education Symposium.

Submissions are now closed. Session proposals are due by March 31, 2013. Notification of acceptance will be sent by April 30, 2013, to accommodate travel arrangements. For further questions contact: Dr. Colette Taylor, Assistant Professor, Higher Education, at