Call for Proposals

Submission Now Closed

Conference Theme

The 2013 meeting of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium (formerly the National Outreach Scholarship Consortium) will explore Engaged Scholarship across Disciplines, Communities and Geography. 


Proposals are sought for presentations and posters that will inform or advance the research and practice of Engaged Scholarship and University-Community Partnerships through means of research findings, innovative program design and partnership models, proven community/institutional impacts, effective curriculum or service-learning models, collaborative policy development and integration, or successful civic engagement practices. Presenters should indicate ways in which their proposal relates back to the conference theme and/or the conference tracks. Proposal Submission Opens January 15, 2013!

Presentation Tracks

Proposals are invited for presentations in the following five tracks:

  • •   Community Development and Regional Prosperity
  • •   Pre-K to 20 Education
  • •   Human Relations, Well-Being and Health
  • •   Sustainable Environments and Natural Resources
  • •   Global Engagement

You are also invited to submit proposals for the pre-conference symposium Race, Ethnicity and Community Engagement.

Who Should Submit a Proposal?

Individuals, teams, and collaborators including:

  • •   University and college faculty and staff involved in the study and/or practice of engaged scholarship, the implementation of engagement programs, or service learning.
  • •   Community partners working with colleges and universities.
  • •   Undergraduate and graduate students studying the impacts of service learning and community engagement.
  • •   Higher education administrators who foster institutional support for students, faculty, and staff to engage with communities through scholarship and evidence-based practice.

Presentation Formats

Proposals may be submitted in any of the following four formats:

Workshop. Workshops are designed for one or several presenters from the same institution or project team, who plan to share information about a particular body of knowledge, evidence-based practice, engaged teaching techniques, assessment or research instrument, or methodology.  Active discussion between audience and presenter(s) should take place throughout the session.  Workshops will be scheduled for 60 minutes, comprised of 40 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of questions and answers.

Symposium. A symposium combines two to three presentations around a common theme or related topic. Presenters may discuss research findings or policy issues, or present programs and evidence-based practice of engaged scholarship. Symposia that feature active panel debate or present various perspectives are preferred to those in which presenters report from the same perspective. It is important to recognize the diverse disciplinary, professional, institutional, and geographic contexts represented in ESC. The ESC program committee, therefore, reserves the right to select and combine specific presentations into a symposium. Symposia will be scheduled for 60 minutes, 15 - 20 of which should involve active discussion with members of the audience.

Poster. Posters are best suited for reporting specific results of a research study, or presenting translational, educational, service-learning, clinical, or other programs of engaged scholarship or evidence-based practice. Posters will be grouped according to specific themes and topics and will be displayed continuously during open viewing periods and a formal two-hour reception-style session during the conference. To encourage networking and discussion of the displayed work, at least one author is expected to be present at the poster during the formal session.

Poster Review and Awards: If you would like your poster to be reviewed by our ESC panel of judges, and in the running for the top five ESC ’13 Poster Awards of Excellenceplease create a digital pdf file or HD digital image of your poster and send it 10 days prior to the conference to:

Deadline for Poster Award review is Thursday, September 26, 2013.

All accepted posters will be welcome on site at the time of the conference. However, if you would like your poster to be part of the review and awards program, please send your digital material for review in advance. This will allow the Poster Award winners to be noted for the duration of the conference.

Poster Symposium. A poster symposium consists of several poster presentations that are organized around a common theme. Poster symposia will be assembled in one of two ways: 1) A group of presenters from diverse centers/programs/institutions can propose a thematic poster symposium. One of the presenters should act as primary presenter, submit all poster abstracts in one proposal, and serve as session moderator. 2) The ESC program committee may assemble a group of poster proposals that share a common theme and assign them to a poster symposium. In this case, the ESC program committee will select a moderator for the poster symposium. Poster symposia are scheduled for 60 minutes, comprised of 20 minutes for attendees to view posters and subsequent presentations and discussion of the posters with the audience.

Proposal Submission Requirements

  • •   Presentation title (10-word maximum)
  • •   Presentation format
  • •   Abstract for conference program (50-word maximum)
  • •   Presentation description (300-word maximum)
  • •   Presentation track
  • •   Presentation technology needs
  • •   Primary presenter contact information
  • •   Contact information for up to five co-presenters

The deadline for submissions has passed.

For further questions, send an e-mail to Bridget Julian at