ESC Poster Awards
2015 Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference Poster Awards

Best Overall Poster Award  

Predicting Volunteer Motives Among Faculty and Staff
Richard J. Harnish and K. Robert Bridges (Pennsylvania State University – New Kensington)

Ways to Advance Rigor or Elevate Impact Award

Pediatric Respite Care:  A Service-Learning Experience for Nursing Students
Melissa Leisen, Julie Strunk, Debbie Gleason, Nancy Puffenbarger, and Samantha Prins (James Madison University)

Ways to Develop High-impact Diversity Efforts and Initiatives Award

Is a Higher Education Institution’s Required Diversity Course Improving Students’ Intercultural Competence?
Maria Fabregas Janeiro and Paulette Hebert (Oklahoma State University)

Ways to Inspire Reciprocity Among Partners Award

Water First for Thirst: Teen Leaders as Advocates for Healthier Beverage Consumption
Theresa M. Ferrari and Carol A. Smathers (Ohio State University)

Ways to Measure Impacts or Outcomes

Assessing Student Outcomes in Low-Intensity Engaged Scholarship Experiences
Adam Christensen, Chang Liu, Suzanne Weinstein, and Chas Brua (Pennsylvania State University)