ESC Poster Awards
2014 Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference Poster Awards

First Place

Integrating High-Impact Scholarship into a General Education Class
Careen Yarnal and Hsin-Yu Chen (Pennsylvania State University)

Second Place

The Impact of Homelessness and Incarceration on the Health of Women
Louanne Keenan and Rabia Ahmed (University of Alberta)

Third Place

Does Service-Learning Make Graduates (Feel) More Employable?
Paul H. Matthews and Jeffrey H. Dorfman (University of Georgia)

Honorable Mention with Distinction

Illustrating the Impacts: Global Community Engaged Design
Rebekah Radtke and Travis Hicks (University of North Carolina - Greensboro)

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service: Building an Interculturally Competent Community
Maria G. Fabregas Janeiro and Jorge Atiles (Oklahoma State University)

Characteristics of Effective Practice By Faculty in Service-Learning Courses
Paul H. Matthews and Andrew J. Pearl (University of Georgia)