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Engagement Academy for University Leaders

Higher education leaders face increasingly complex challenges both internally and in their relationships with the broader communities that they serve. Economic and social stratification, political polarization, and the fallout from a global pandemic are among the ongoing challenges facing universities and the broader society. How can university leaders be effective in this uncertain environment?

The Engagement Academy for University Leaders (EA) is a professional development program designed to help higher education leaders develop collaborative relationships with external partners in a way that helps institutions and communities thrive. EA programs are led by scholars and national higher education leaders whose research and practice focuses on building and sustaining engaged institutions. EA curriculum draws on the best of research and scholarship in the domain of organizational leadership and change.

With a 15-year track record and over 1,000 participants, the EA is a well-tested and evaluated, results-oriented premier professional and institutional development program. Programs focus on preparing higher education leaders (senior to mid-level) to advance community engagement strategies in support of their institutional goals. The EA is national/global in scope and scale, involving a mix of institutional types and missions.

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