Join us in achieving impact--Engaging Communities and Changing Lives

Invitation to Outreach Scholarship Conference 2004

We are pleased to invite you to the fourth annual Outreach Scholarship Conference. This year's theme is Impact Through Engagement: Engaging Communities and Changing Lives. The conference offers an opportunity to explore the impact of outreach scholarship and institutional engagement on colleges and universities; their faculty, students, and staff; and the communities they share. Our goals are to understand better the impact that institutions of higher education can have in society and to share models for effective outreach and engagement. The sessions will bring a wide array of perspectives to higher education's role in making life better, including program planning, delivery, and evaluation; stakeholder partnerships; institutional strategies and practices; and faculty research. Penn State, Ohio State, and University of Wisconsin-Extension are pleased to welcome the University of Georgia this year as a sponsor for the Outreach Scholarship Conference. On behalf of all of our sponsoring institutions, we hope you will join us for a stimulating learning and networking experience when the conference returns to Penn State from October 3 to 5.

Craig Weidemann Arthur Dunnig Bobby D. Moser Kevin P. Reily
Craig Weidemann
Vice President
The Pennsylvania State University
Arthur Dunning
Vice President for Public Service and Outreach,
and Associate Provost
The University of Georgia
Bobby D. Moser
Vice President
University Outreach
The Ohio State University
Kevin P. Reilly
University of Wisconsin-Extension

an annual conference sponsored by:

The Penn State University
The University of Georgia The Ohio State University
The University of Wisconsin-Extension
The University of Georgia The Ohio State University

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