2015 Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference Poster Awards

Best Overall Poster Award  

Predicting Volunteer Motives Among Faculty and Staff
Richard J. Harnish and K. Robert Bridges (Pennsylvania State University – New Kensington)

Ways to Advance Rigor or Elevate Impact Award

Pediatric Respite Care:  A Service-Learning Experience for Nursing Students
Melissa Leisen, Julie Strunk, Debbie Gleason, Nancy Puffenbarger, and Samantha Prins (James Madison University)

Ways to Develop High-impact Diversity Efforts and Initiatives Award

Is a Higher Education Institution’s Required Diversity Course Improving Students’ Intercultural Competence?
Maria Fabregas Janeiro and Paulette Hebert (Oklahoma State University)

Ways to Inspire Reciprocity Among Partners Award

Water First for Thirst: Teen Leaders as Advocates for Healthier Beverage Consumption
Theresa M. Ferrari and Carol A. Smathers (Ohio State University)

Ways to Measure Impacts or Outcomes

Assessing Student Outcomes in Low-Intensity Engaged Scholarship Experiences
Adam Christensen, Chang Liu, Suzanne Weinstein, and Chas Brua (Pennsylvania State University)