ESC Partner Programs
2023 Pre-College

The Pre-College and Youth Programming Workshop will take place during the Engagement Scholarship Consortium pre-conference sessions. Postsecondary institutions serve a valuable role in communities, not only by educating college students but also by providing a wide range of youth programming and access to universities. This workshop will explore ways in which universities and institutions, through youth programs, have had an impact on pre-college students. This professional development workshop brings the pre-college conversation to a national and international level through continued discussion of new practices in working with pre-college students on college campuses. 

Who Should Attend

  • Postsecondary education administrators, faculty, staff, and graduate students;
  • Program directors and coordinators (GEAR UP, Upward Bound, TRIO, and like programs);
  • Pre-college offices or similar programs within higher education settings;
  • K-12 teachers, counselors, and administrators; and
  • Community representatives interested in the role of pre-college and youth development programs at institutions of higher education.

Morning Keynote

“Using the National Student Clearinghouse’s Student Outreach Tracker to Measure Your Program’s Results” Michele Gralak, Business Analyst

Concurrent Tracks

Track I

MORNING: Pre-College Programming Self-Audit

In this session, pre-college program leaders will facilitate a workshop using a workbook, which is a tool for pre-college programming leaders to use in advancing their programming operations through self-evaluation based on a measurement using 25 dimensions that represent a high-quality pre-college unit. The session will provide an opportunity for reflection, action planning, and prioritization. Participants will receive a copy of the workbook.

AFTERNOON: Case Studies in Pre-College Programming

This session will provide highlights from a forthcoming book featuring case studies of pre-college programs throughout the United States. These case studies include an overview of the program, its objectives, impact, and challenges. Each case study highlights one to two dimensions of an effective pre-college program. This session will discuss the takeaways from these case studies and how to extract elements and apply them to our own programs.


Christopher W. Tremblay, Ed.D. | Executive Director of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning | University of Michigan

Susan Sheth Ph.D. | Director of Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) and Member of the Pre-College Advisory Board and Leadership Team | Michigan State University

Track II

MORNING: Evaluation

The Center for Education Design, Evaluation, and Research (CEDER) provides comprehensive evaluation services and technical assistance related to education programs and research to University of Michigan central administration, campus units, individual researchers, and community-based organizations.

Presenter: Vicki Bigelow, Evaluation Coordinator

AFTERNOON: Inclusive Leadership With Our Teams, on Campus and Beyond!

At the University of Michigan Center for Educational Outreach, developing and sustaining a high performing team has been a multiyear strategic priority. In this session, you will learn about the ways the leadership team learns, reflects, and supports each other and our respective teams to cultivate a caring and effective work environment across our unit and with outreach colleagues. There will be an opportunity to hear about how each team and committee uses ongoing structures and rituals to support high levels of engagement and performance. Participants will have a chance to ask questions and share tested and true practices from their repertoire and organizations.

Presenter: Kim Callahan Lijana, Ph.D. | Director, Center for Educational Outreach (CEO) | University of Michigan


All participants will receive a workbook, training materials from each session, and a three-series book bundle on pre-college programming.